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        Serving the Massapequa area since 1996, G.T.O. offers only the finest quality of food for takeout and delivery. All of our food is cooked only when ordered, meaning that you will only get the freshest food available! We offer a large selection of chicken, steaks, burgers and fish, not to mention numerous side dishes and great-tasting salads. All of our ribs, steaks, burgers, poultry and fish are chargrilled on our two side-by-side 6-foot grills in view of you. All burgers, steak wraps, roumanians and rib eyes are cooked to your specific directions. All of our sauces, salads and soups are made from scratch.

        Here at G.T.O., we believe in quantity as much as quality. All of our wraps are loaded with meats, vegetables and cheeses. Our made-to-order salads are topped with a healthy amount of chicken, steak or fish. In addition, our sandwiches are made on fresh rolls or our famous pita bread topped with lettuce and tomato. We use (12oz) steaks, (12oz) fish filets and (12oz) marinated chicken breasts. We also include any choice of side, salad and pita bread for our entrees. Our chargrilled burgers are (8oz) and served on either a sesame seed bun or pita bread topped with lettuce and tomato along with a variety of additional toppings. Our baby back ribs and whole chickens are hickory smoked first, then chargrilled and topped with our famous homemade BBQ sauce.


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